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Special Window options

Wood Clad Series

Exterior construction of high-quality vinyl windows complemented by an attractive real wood interior.

Vinyl Series

An ideal choice for homeowners in search of an economical, all-vinyl window.

Key features

Low Maintenance

Opting for vinyl windows provides a low-maintenance solution for residential applications

Superior Weatherability

SunShield® vinyl is uniquely engineered to endure weather, UV, and sun exposure.

Color Retention

Quality systems assure consistent color and weather resistance in pharmaceutical compounds.

Designed to Perform

Partnerships and research drive this window material to surpass standards and excel in technology.


Glass options

Choose from Clear glass, art glass, decorative glass, tinted glass, tempered, obscured and ACG comfortec 28.

Quality assurance.

SunShield® vinyl surpasses AAMA standards for strength and color retention.

Lifetime warranty.

Warranty covers chipping, cracking, peeling, pitting, blistering for lifetime, transferable once.

Window Grids

Various grid styles: colonial, cottage, Prairie; flat, contoured, divided lites, V-groove.

Available window shapes

Trapezoid, triangle, half rounds, circle/round, quarter round, eye brow, octagon, pentagon and cathedral.

Specialty Windows

Sliding Windows

Double Hung Windows

Window Colors

Prize Windows offers a stunning range of window colors, from timeless neutrals to bold contemporary shades. Your windows will enhance your home's curb appeal while reflecting your unique style and personality.

Lunettes are a fascinating aspect of architectural design that have been appreciated for many years. These unique structures are shaped like crescents or semi-circles and are typically located above a doorway. They are designed to be both functional and decorative, providing a unique touch to the building's overall aesthetic appeal. Lunettes are often adorned with sculptures or glass features, making them stand out as intricate and beautiful design elements. In fact, they are so popular that their design has given rise to the well-known lunette window. It is just one of the many impressive features of architectural design that showcases the creative talent and thoughtfulness of the designers and builders behind the construction of these buildings. So if you appreciate the creative beauty of architecture, be sure to take notice of these remarkable structures the next time you pass by.

Half-moon windows, also known as lunette windows, are an exquisite and distinctive feature that adds character and charm to many architectural designs. These windows have been a popular addition to traditional and historical styles for centuries. They can be found in a range of structures, including grand Victorian homes, stately Federal Colonial residences, and majestic neoclassical buildings. Even some of the most notable cathedrals and museums throughout history boast these striking windows. The unique shape and size of a half-moon window allows for a beautiful balance of natural light to filter through a space, while adding an elegant touch of architectural interest. From small and quaint to grand and impressive, half-moon windows are an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication and traditional elegance to their home or building.

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