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Energy efficiency and vinyl construction are key factors in providing outstanding performance.

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Awning Windows

Key features

Low Maintenance

Opting for vinyl windows provides a low-maintenance solution for residential applications

Superior Weatherability

SunShield® vinyl is uniquely engineered to endure weather, UV, and sun exposure.

Color Retention

Quality systems assure consistent color and weather resistance in pharmaceutical compounds.

Designed to Perform

Partnerships and research drive this window material to surpass standards and excel in technology.


Glass options

Choose from Clear glass, art glass, decorative glass, tinted glass, tempered, obscured and ACG comfortec 28.

Quality assurance.

SunShield® vinyl surpasses AAMA standards for strength and color retention.

Lifetime warranty.

Warranty covers chipping, cracking, peeling, pitting, blistering for lifetime, transferable once.

Window Grids

Various grid styles: colonial, cottage, Prairie; flat, contoured, divided lites, V-groove.

Exterior colors

We offer a diverse selection of 130 custom exterior colors to match your unique preferences.

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Window Colors

Prize Windows offers a stunning range of window colors, from timeless neutrals to bold contemporary shades. Your windows will enhance your home's curb appeal while reflecting your unique style and personality.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are a type of window that bears a close resemblance to awning windows. One of the defining features of hopper windows is that they are equipped with hinges on either the top or the bottom, allowing them to be opened inward. When opened, these windows can provide varying degrees of ventilation, and can be adjusted to a range of angles -- anywhere from 45 degrees to a full 90-degree opening. It is also worth noting that hopper windows are often installed in basements and in areas near the top of walls where the ceiling meets the wall. This type of window can be particularly beneficial in basement spaces where natural light and fresh air may be limited, as they can help to improve air circulation and bring in more sunlight. However, it is important to keep in mind that fully opening hopper windows may pose some safety concerns, especially in households with young children or pets. Overall, hopper windows can be a great option for those looking to improve air circulation and natural light in their home, but should always be used with care and caution.

Hopper windows are often shaped in a horizontally rectangular form and built to withstand strong winds. They are frequently found in smaller spaces like bathrooms, and basements where ventilation can be limited. Due to their expansive panel that opens as a single unit, these windows offer ease of operation and contribute to enhanced air circulation within any room.

The name "hoppers" is derived from the way they resemble a hopper or chute when fully opened.

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